Embrace 2020 with fullness, gratitude and peace, celebrating in a heavenly place!

We offer the closing of another cycle with an unforgettable experience of rest, self-knowledge and relaxation. An environment to connect with yourself and others, with an open heart, much love and sincerity.

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Let's say YES to 2020! The height of Relax & Meet will be the New Year's Eve party, so you can feel the joy of life pulsating in your body! Osheanic International will overflow with incredible energy, bringing people from all over the world into an unforgettable night of celebration, meditation and dance. Allow yourself to say yes to this unique experience!


Osheanic International

A Center of Excellence in Meditation and Human Development, Osheanic has an unparalleled environment for anyone who wants to pursue the adventure of self-discovery.

Surrounded by the paradisiacal dunes of Prainha and 5 minutes from the sea, Osheanic has a dedicated staff and a strong and healing energy, which provides an ideal environment to rest from the pressures of everyday life, calm down, refresh and renew mind, body, soul and spirit.

An unforgettable and deeply nourishing experience in all aspects of the Being is here!

Welcome! It is with love and kindness that we are open for you to enjoy this precious time with us. It will be an honor to receive you and offer you our best!


Does the Relax & Meet program sound like something you would like to participate in? Or would you like more information? Leave your message and we will contact you!


Osheanic International

Prainha - Ceará - Brazil

Telephone: +55 85 99901.0003

Email: info@osheanicinternational.com