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Zen Counseling

October 17th to 24th 2018

The spiritual essence of therapy

Nourishing relations is an intense, deep and true process.

Zen Counselingias an 8-day training made for professionals of the therapeutic and human care areas, with the intent of teaching tools and skills of presence, depth and love, recognizing that true help happens without effort, without intention, through a space of deep connection and truth.

This training awakens the spitirual essence of therapy, thrugh tools and skills of presence, depth and love, walking towards the method and technique, having meditation as its essential foundation. Crossing the concept of duality, we focus in the essential aspects of our true nature in order to understand how personal growth and transformation occur. 

Why join Zen Counseling?

Tools and skills will be taught with the intent of cristalyzing and dissolving personal problems around life questions such as relationships, work and meditation.

There will be a prepared space for insights, in order to bring clarity to many life situations, as well as working with people.


Some of the topics we share are:

  • Communication skills that support self counsciousness
  • Tools to find presence in yourself and supporting this state in someone else
  • When and how to encourage emotional expression
  • Recognizing and working with projection, resistance and desire
  • Answering to different clients with flexibility
  • Understanding the dynamics of the relationship and the principles of the healthy relationship
  • Trauma healing principles


Any Questions? Contact us
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