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May 1st - Workshop
May 2nd to 6th - Training

Invite, acknowledge and allow the expansion of energy.

The art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening extasy, the natural healing potential of our own body.

Inviting stagnant energy to awaken and flow, Tantranz Massage favours the integration between sacred giving and receiving. It eases communication between masculine and feminine aspects of our being, allowing the free circulation of lovingness.

The human body has an electrical potential capable of restoring organic balance. Reich called this potential Orgon. He believed that all diseases exist when this energy flow (which some call Prana or Chi) is interrupted or blocked.

Tantranz Massage Training Part II: Real Transcendence

In this module, we practice the combination of rooted and subtle touch with more awareness of how to approach each individual.

Students learn to recognize how to be invited into the Sacred Temple of the body in each person, what touch is more appropriate in each case according to the Present Moment.

The aim: to be able to establish a communication where raising the energy level is lived as a joyful invitation of Ecstasy in Presence and awareness.

Surrendering is an act between two people communicating with positive complicity.

For this purpose we deepen the knowledge of Chakras and Energy Body and intuitive recognition of availability in each body.

Expertise in touch and Presence invite greater trust.

Hence, we explore the inclusión of genital touch, awareness of rhythm, integration, pulse, and the gradual expansión of supposed boundaries into Real possibilities within each being.

We combine the rise of energy that gives us power with a greater courage to feel each part of the way, allowing transformation rather than breaking down barriers.

We use Presence and Felt Sense to accompany touch.

It enhances our capacity to feel, accept and share.

Part II also addresses how to work with patients for those interested.

Requirements:  Tantranz Massage Training Part I.

Or:  Tantra Training I or II with Homa and Mukto and Tantranz Massage crash course on May 1st.

Or: Tantranz Massage Workshops with Nataraj and Tantranz Massage crash course on May 1st.


This training is for people who intend to:

  • Learn the Art of Tantric Massage
  • Become more aware through touch.Expandir a consciência através do toque
  • Offer TANTRANZ massage  sessions
  • Develop  touch, sensuality, sexuality and energy movement in a safe environment
  • Explore subtle energies  learning how to  distinguish  the energy flux in different people.
  • Dissolve energy blocks in the body that can have an impact on other subtle bodies.
  • Improve communication between people.
  • Give each sex more knowledge about its own genre and about the opposite sex.
  • Give more tools and prowess to therapies involved with sexuality.
  • Integrate Sex with Meditation.


Ma Deva Nataraj

Therapist, Teacher and Researcher in the way of Tantra. Nataraj has been accompanying people to develop their full potential for 33 years. As a therapist Nataraj has been nurtured by very special places and talented teachers around the world, such as the Esalen Institute (California), Osho Multiversity (India), Oasis Escuela de Masaje Californiano (Argentina), Centro Advaita (Spain).

Today Nataraj coordinates Jardin Paraiso, a Tantric Meditation Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shares her teaching method, “Tantranz, the movement of love”around the world. (visit

She is also part of the Therapeutic team “Sostener a los que sostienen” in Buenos Aires, researching with doctors in public hospitals (Hospital de Clinicas, Hospital Argerich) to lessen the consequences of burnout in the medical practice through biodynamic massage therapy.


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May/02nd to 06th /2018

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