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Tantranz: Tantric Massage Training

Workshop: April 19 - 20

Tantranz Training Part 1: April 19 - 25

Tantranz Training Part 2: April 27 - May 01


Tantranz is the art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening ecstasy and the natural healing potential of our own body.

We invite stagnant energy to awaken and move and foster the communication between the feminine and masculine aspects of our being. Thus we allow energy to flow freely.

The human body has an electrical potential with the capability of restoring the natural balance. Reich called this potential “Orgon”. He believed that diseases only appear when this flow of energy (which some call Prana or Chi) is interrupted or blocked.

Workshop Intensive - The Energy Waves

April 19 - 20

During this workshop you will get to know the basic principles of Tantranz touch that are essential for giving and receiving massages. This is a one-day workshop at the beginning of the training.

The workshop is designed for men and women that are ready to explore with people of the opposite sex in a safe and friendly environment – as well as for couples that want to learn another way of communicating through touch.

Tantranz Training Part 1 - The Energy Waves

April 19 - 25

In this first part of the training, participants learn how to root themselves in presence and connect their touch to the “source.” It is then taught how to move a body as part of a flow, releasing tensions through the use of specific contacts of the “first body” and by pressing different power points.

In a next step, participants learn to use subtle touch on oil-free skin – without the use of any supplements. Through this we activate the natural electricity and allow it to flow freely from the base to the crown, creating a sense of expansion and joy.

The module shares knowledge about Marma and Trager points, the light touch and Tandava, as well as the sacred dance of Shiva.

The Tantranz Training offers an experience for people who want to participate individually and who are ready to explore in a safe and friendly environment with people of the opposite sex – as well as for couples that want to learn another way of communication through touch.

Tantranz Training Part 2 - The Real Transcendence

Tantranz Training Part 2: April 27 - May 01

In this module, we play with both grounded and subtle touch and increase our awareness of how to approach each individual person.

Participants learn to recognize how to be invited into the Holy Temple of the body of another person and learn to distinguish which approach is most appropriate in each case and moment.

Goal of this workshop is to learn to allow ourselves to experience a raising level of energy as a joyful invitation to ecstasy – in presence and with consciousness.

Surrender is an act between two people who communicate with positivity and trust.
To do so, we first deepen our knowledge of the Chakras and the energy body as well as the intuitive recognition of openness in each body.

When we feel safe with touch and rooted in presence, we automatically invite others to also feel more confident.

In a next step we will then explore the inclusion of the genital touch, the awareness of the rhythm, integration, pulse and the gradual expansion of supposed borders into real possibilities within each being.

We combine the expansion of energy which gives us power with a greater courage to feel each part of the path- thus allowing transformation to take place naturally instead of breaking down barriers.

Felt Sense accompanies the touch. It increases our ability to feel, accept and share. It can be found in a subtle, mostly unrecognized zone of experiencing inside us, a kind of border zone between our conscious and unconscious. This level of experience lies below our everyday awareness of objects, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It is an embryonic form of awareness in which “body” and “mind” are not separate. Felt senses are both bodily experienced and meaningful. They embody the unique reality of our individual lives in ways that can’t yet be put into words.


This training is for you if you wish to:

  • Learn the art of tantric massage;
  • Expand awareness through touch;
  • Offer TANTRANZ massage sessions;
  • Develop touch, sensuality, sexuality and energetic movement in a safe environment;
  • Explore subtle energies by learning how to distinguish the flow of energy in different people;
  • Dissolve energy blocks in the body which can have an impact on other subtle bodies;
  • Improve communication between people;
  • Acquire a better understanding about your own body and your partner’s body;
  • Combine sex with meditation.



Tantranz Massage Training Part 1.
Or: Tantra Training 1 or 2 with Homa and Mukto
Or: Workshops and Massage Courses Tantranz with Nataraj


Ma Deva Nataraj

Therapist, Teacher and Researcher in the way of Tantra. Nataraj has been accompanying people to develop their full potential for 33 years.

Trained in Gestalt, Californian Massage, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Rebirthing, Biodynamics (the Gerda Boyesen School), Dance and Movement Therapy, Jungian Archetypes (Eugenio Carutti in Casa XI) and Tantra, in at least five different countries, Nataraj’s therapeoutic approach embraces multicultures in our common humanity. She speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

As a therapist Nataraj has been nurtured by very special places and talented teachers around the world, such as the Esalen Institute (California), Osho Multiversity (India), Oasis Escuela de Masaje Californiano (Argentina), Centro Advaita (Spain).

Her tantric path began in the nineties in Poona, continuing in Buenos Aires with Male-Female archetypes, and then in Brazil with Deva Nishok who was her teacher for five years. In 2009 she encountered Cachemirian Tantric Master, Daniel Odier and Homa and Mukto, whose visión she currently shares.

Today Nataraj coordinates Jardin Paraiso, a Tantric Meditation Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shares her teaching method, “Tantranz, the movement of love”around the world.

She is also part of the Therapeutic team “Sostener a los que sostienen” in Buenos Aires, researching with doctors in public hospitals (Hospital de Clinicas, Hospital Argerich) to lessen the consequences of burnout in the medical practice through biodynamic massage therapy.


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Workshop: April 19 – 20
Tantranz Training Part 1: April 19 – 25
Tantranz Training Part 2: April 27 – May 01

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