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May 1st - Workshop
May 2nd to 6th - Training

Invite, acknowledge and allow the expansion of energy.

The art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening extasy, the natural healing potential of our own body.

Inviting stagnant energy to awaken and flow, Tantranz Massage favours the integration between sacred giving and receiving. It eases communication between masculine and feminine aspects of our being, allowing the free circulation of lovingness.

The human body has an electrical potential capable of restoring organic balance. Reich called this potential Orgon. He believed that all diseases exist when this energy flow (which some call Prana or Chi) is interrupted or blocked.

In level 1, The Energy Waves, participants learn to root themselves in Presence and connect their touch to the source. Then we teach how to move around a body as part of a flow, release loaded tension and remove stasis by specific contacts of the first body and pressure on energy points.

From here, every member of the group learns how to use subtle touch at skin level without oil or any additions to actívate natural electricity and allow it to flow freely from the basis to the crown, producing a sense of expansion and joy.

This training teaches something about Marma and Trager points, the light touch and Tandava, the sacred dance of Shiva.

This Massage Workshop is for single males and females who are ready to explore in a safe and friendly environment with people of the opposite sex or for couples who want to learn another way of communicating through touch.


Ma Deva Nataraj

Therapist, Teacher and Researcher in the way of Tantra. Nataraj has been accompanying people to develop their full potential for 33 years. As a therapist Nataraj has been nurtured by very special places and talented teachers around the world, such as the Esalen Institute (California), Osho Multiversity (India), Oasis Escuela de Masaje Californiano (Argentina), Centro Advaita (Spain).

Today Nataraj coordinates Jardin Paraiso, a Tantric Meditation Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and shares her teaching method, “Tantranz, the movement of love”around the world. (visit

She is also part of the Therapeutic team “Sostener a los que sostienen” in Buenos Aires, researching with doctors in public hospitals (Hospital de Clinicas, Hospital Argerich) to lessen the consequences of burnout in the medical practice through biodynamic massage therapy.


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May/02nd to 06th /2018

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