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Tantra Heart

A 2-day retreat workshop that invites you to access your sexuality through the dimension of the heart. An opportunity to feel and experience your body and energy with spontaneity, vitality, more relaxation and presence. This work is a doorway into a new way of relating to yourself, to others, and to the world. Into learning to communicate your feelings, truth and intimacy, through the safety of the heart and your personal power. It is moving from sex to heart and from heart to the divine.

In this weekend, within a safe, welcoming and fun environment, with active and passive meditations, individual and group practices, techniques and therapeutic tools will create a space for personal transformation, so that you can open yourself to receive the gift of reconnecting with more fluidity and naturality.


A higher level of energy; move deeper into feeling and expressing; connect with the body; expand in presence.

We will introduce a pathway to relating in a way that is more conscious and connected with your feelings and sensations.

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Learn simple and efficient tools and techniques to be applied day to day, and that can bring about a change in your life.

• No prerequisites
• Open for individuals and couples to participate

Gayana & Avinash

Friends, a couple and parents that have been dedicated to the path of human and spiritual development for the past 10 years. Meditation, Love and Intimacy are the basis of their work in the World. They believe it is possible to live a new dimension of relating to people and to the world.

Therapists trained in Tantra, Prana Healing, Healing of Trauma and Shock, Breathwork, Empowerment and Leadership, Bodywork, Suchness, Focusing, among others.

They coordinate Osheanic International in Brazil, one of the largest centers of excellence in human development and meditation in Latin America, and offer retreats and workshops, individual sessions and corporate work around Brazil.


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24-26 November 2017

Doubts? Contact us:
+55 (85) 3113.1821
+55 (85) 99901.0769