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Tantra Training

April 04 - 14


It offers us a way out of our involuntary and exhausting mental activity, introduces us to the here and now, opens up an ocean of sensations and feelings, teaches us how to meet our beloved in deep acceptance and points us towards an integration that can radically change the quality of life we create for ourselves.
And, yes, Tantra also allows us to reach to a state of intimacy that celebrates sexual energy as part of being alive and, at the same time, enjoys the meeting of the male and female principle in vulnerability and awareness.


Liberating Sexual Energy

The first step to an integrated sexuality is to unfreeze repressed energies.
We dare to question our limiting conditioning; we become alive and invite the new.
In the safety of a loving and aware environment this let go can happen without becoming harmful or destructive.
When we learn to shift our attention from analytical thinking to sensations and feelings, we reconnect to our body, its capacity for pleasure and its wisdom.
Amazing experiences of joy and intimacy may alternate with memories of painful emotions. Profound insights may happen.
Allowing all these experiences our heart’s capacity to accept and integrate grows.
Once we understand that living in vulnerability is our greatest strength, intimacy and sexuality become wonderful opportunities to discover ourselves and truly meet our beloveds.
Life becomes an adventure.

Key Points:

• Getting to know and developing trust in each other
• The here and now
• The heart chakra
• Synchronicity – a direct experience of ourselves and others
• The importance of feeling
• Understanding compensations and allowing vulnerability
• Allowing both pleasurable and disturbing emotions
• Letting go of control, allowing life energy
• Becoming present in our body
• Exploring different ways of touch
• Staying centered in intimate situations
• Exploring authenticity
• Facing and overcoming our fears of being invaded, controlled or rejected
• Taking risks

Part 1 happens twice per year at Osheanic International, Brazil


Homa & Mukto

Homa and Mukto are great friends with very different perceptions of life. It’s these differences that keep their work fresh and alive.

Inspired by the visionary mystic Osho, their workshops are a synthesis of therapy and a direct experience of the present moment. Having met Osho over three decades ago their lives underwent through a radical change and it soon became clear they had a passion and gift for working with people.

Over the years they’ve received training from many world class therapists and meditation teachers in a variety of approaches.

Their work is unique and creates the ground for the magic of transformation. For the last several years they have specialized in Tantra, liberating sexual energy in a context of love and awareness.

From 2006 to 2015 they led tantra groups in the OSHO resort in Puna, India.

Currently they share their work in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

For the rest of the year they live in Fortaleza, Brazil at Osheanic International, the venue of their yearly Tantra Trainings


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April 04 – 14

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