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Tantra Heart

February 14 - 16

Transforming with the heart

A retreat meant for individuals or couples experiencing in Tantra as taught by Avinash and Gayana. Participants will learn to say ‘yes’ to life through the body – learning to connect, feel, and remain connected with bodily sensations and their own natural flow of energy.

This weekend is an invitation to experience a more meditative space, learning to enjoy the present moment, through a more relaxed and natural body state. Participants will learn to connect with the heart center, strengthening it – the transforming center of the body. Working with heart space creates a natural expanse, with more space to love and be loved, allowing participants to connect with themselves and others more spontaneously, fluently, and deeply.

How does Tantra Heart works?

Using natural polarity between the feminine and masculine energies, in order to explore the issues of relating, intimacy and sexuality, specific tools for personal knowledge will be experienced, including active and passive meditations, conscious breathing. No nudity is required during work sessions. Participants will be guided in an atmosphere of awareness, authenticity and love, and will be encouraged to share openly, during the group, about their experiences.

  • Dance structures
  • Mix of active, tantric and guided meditations
  • Breathing sessions
  • Group dynamics
  • Sharing
  • Touch / massage
  • Understanding and sustaining tools of the emotional atmosphere
  • Relate consciously


Gayana and Avinash together share a journey as searchers, as a couple and as parents with delivery and simplicity.

Meditation, love and truth are the basis of your work in the world. With the experience of living in the community inspired by Osho (Osheanic International) since 2012, a great laboratory of human relations and meditation, and for 8 years deepening the path of Tantra with Homa and Mukto and Conscious Relation, are dedicated to facilitate workshops and individual and face-to-face sessions with Skype accompanying individuals, couples and organizations in the process of awakening human potential, emotional development, the art of relating and Tantra.



February 14 – 16

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+55 (85) 99136-0748