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Upcoming Events

Living in Program

People who want to be at Osheanic for a month or more can apply for the Living In Program.

You will have the opportunity to live for a period of time in the heavenly Osheanic International Buddhist Field and participate in one of our personal growth programs, based on meditation and other tools that will support the participant.

Osheanic Festival

Sep 15th to Oct 7th

Explore new ideas, make new friends, develop new skills and dance with your heart open. A great adventure awaits you! The Osheanic Festival 2018 program is full of events and workshops that present new ways of living with lightness, awareness, love and joy.

ARUN Councious Touch & Sound Healing Retreat

October 10 to 14

A Special Retreat with three great names from the Osho world: Anubuddha, Anasha and Devakant, who will meet for the first time together to develop a deep and intense work.

In the mystical encounter of Spiritual Love and Internal Awareness, ARUN Sound Healing is born – Vibrations of Healing Sounds and Conscious Touch.

“Waking Up Vital Energy Awareness” will address, through much music, dynamic movements, silent satsangs and meditative touches of healing, a new way of living and being in the present moment – opening Chakras and channels of expression to harmonize functioning and relationship with the physical body.

Zen Counseling

October 17h to 24th

Nurturing relationships is an intense, deep and true process.

Zen Counseling is an 8-day training focused on therapy and human-care professionals to teach them tools and skills of deepening, presence and love, recognizing that true help happens effortlessly, unintentionally, through a space of deep connection and truth.

Tantra Heart

November 01 to 04

A holiday meant for individuals or couples experiencing in Tantra as taught by Avinash and Gayana. Participants will learn to say ‘yes’ to life through the body – learning to connect, feel, and remain connected with bodily sensations and their own natural flow of energy.

Retreats and Trainings – 2019

Path of Love

January 05 to 12

Trauma ao Tantra

January 19 to 26

Osho Prana Healing

January 29 to february 17

Group and Training Osho No Mind

February 18 to 24

Carnival Retreat

March 2 to 5

Refreshing Life

March 2 to 9


March 16 to 22