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Upcoming Events

Living in Program

People who want to be at Osheanic for a month or more can apply for the Living In Program.

You will have the opportunity to live for a period of time in the heavenly Osheanic International Buddhist Field and participate in one of our personal growth programs, based on meditation and other tools that will support the participant.


In April a new program starts at Osheanic: Body&Soul, a cleansing weekend journey of meditation, health and welfare that elevates and celebrates the joy of being alive!

Every month we will prepare a schedule with activities that contribute to a reconnection with the self and group experiences.

Family Vacations

June 30th to July 27th

by SatBodhi, Inara and Vinícius Martins

During the first 28 days of July, Osheanic will be open to welcome you and your family in a quiet space to meditate, rest and be with the children, where they can play and develop with activities such as painting, crafts, planting of seedlings , cooking, yoga and capoeira.

All this thought for the tranquility of the parents and the healthy development and joy of the little ones.

Osho Prana Healing 2

July 18th to 26th

by Rita Upadhi Maggi

O.P.H. was created by Rita Upadhi Maggi and Chidvilas Pascariello in Osho’s Asharam (spiritual master), based on the answers given by Osho to questions about the circulation of energy. In short, it is a method of energy harmonization developed with the direct guidance of the spiritual master, Osho. It is based on the 7 chakras of the 7 bodies, according to reading the Indian auric map. Today, the method is recognized by the academy olos, by the light academy of the school of naturopathy anea, and by the sicool association in italy.

The second part of the Osho Prana Healing training takes place in 9 uninterrupted days where it is intended to deepen the techniques already received in the first part of the training.

Creativity Workshop

August 5th

by Devakant

A full-day exploration to find the innermost source of creativity through the ancestral movement of touching the earth with our hands, heart and soul, allowing us to play with color and form, guided by the master of meditative arts, Devakant.

Through breathing, silence and various meditation practices of Alchemy and Shamanism, we will enter into an experience of admiration and discovery of the creative child ever present within us.

Tantra Training - part 1

August 16 to 26

by Homa & Mukto

Liberating Sexual Energy

The first step to an integrated sexuality is to unfreeze repressed energies.
We dare to question our limiting conditioning; we become alive and invite the new.
In the safety of a loving and aware environment, this lets go can happen without becoming harmful or destructive.

When we learn to shift our attention from analytical thinking to sensations and feelings, we reconnect to our body, its capacity for pleasure and its wisdom.

Tantra Training - part 2

August 29 to September 03

by Homa & Mukto

Sex and Presence: For lovers or friends ready to explore together

For couples and friends ready to explore together.
Tantra offers us a totally new approach towards intimacy and sexuality in particular.

Sex need not be a stressful activity with an orgasm as the only acceptable outcome, but can be a relaxed and joyous meeting of lovers.

Instead of us rushing towards a climactic discharge in the future, we can allow sexual energy to rise and create a profound experience of completion and communion in the here and now.

Tantra Training - part 3

September 05 to 13

by Homa & Mukto

Tantra tells us, “Be here and now,” “Accept yourself,” and “Say yes to life.” But what does this really mean? Can this be learned and taught, and if so, how? Can we really stop the fight and find peace?

This module is a laboratory and we are the objects of our own investigation. Exploring the chakras, practicing the reading of energy, and accessing the wisdom of the body through sense perception, we experience ourselves and the unconscious forces that direct our lives.

On the Path of the Dharma

September 06 to 09

by Eduardo Mello

“On the Path of the Dharma” is an immersion program in which we will work all the tools necessary to meet our purest essence and lovingly assume the powerful light that inhabits us.

A work based on LOVE that explores several tools with direction of purpose.

The course will be divided into 4 presential stages, with specific bases to be worked to reach the (re)encounter with our essence:

Osheanic Festival

Sep 15th to Oct 7th

Explore new ideas, make new friends, develop new skills and dance with your heart open. A great adventure awaits you! The Osheanic Festival 2018 program is full of events and workshops that present new ways of living with lightness, awareness, love and joy.

OSHO Mystic Rose

Sep 16th to Oct 6th

The Mystic Rose is a Meditative Therapy. It is a deep non-verbal process that can release ancient and stuck energies, renewing our vitality and creating space for meditation, relaxation and silence.

It is meditative because it is an individual process, guiding us into a space of silence, awareness and relaxation. It is therapy because of the purifying effects and, even though it is an individual process, the energy of the group helps each person to trust and move even more deeply.

Healing Retreat

October 10 to 14

A Special Retreat with three great names from the Osho world: Anubuddha, Anasha and Devakant, who will meet for the first time together to develop a deep and intense work.

In the mystical encounter of Spiritual Love and Internal Awareness, Healing Retreat is born – Vibrations of Healing Sounds and Conscious Touch.

“Waking Up Vital Energy Awareness” will address, through much music, dynamic movements, silent satsangs and meditative touches of healing, a new way of living and being in the present moment – opening Chakras and channels of expression to harmonize functioning and relationship with the physical body.

Zen Counseling

October 17h to 24th

Nurturing relationships is an intense, deep and true process.

Zen Counseling is an 8-day training focused on therapy and human-care professionals to teach them tools and skills of deepening, presence and love, recognizing that true help happens effortlessly, unintentionally, through a space of deep connection and truth.

Human Vortex

November 08 to 12

The Human Being as a door can bring this great Portal into operation. In our DNA is Pleiadian genetics, the original genetics that allow us to recover everything we have done and been lost for so many centuries, re-establishing harmony, order, and a natural balance with the flow of the universe.

Retreats and Trainings – 2019

Path of Love

January 05 to 12

Trauma ao Tantra

January 19 to 26

Osho Prana Healing

January 29 to february 17

Group and Training Osho No Mind

February 18 to 24

Carnival Retreat

March 2 to 5

Refreshing Life

March 2 to 9


March 16 to 22