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November 24 to 26

Tantra Heart

by Gayana and Avinash

An invitation to a transforming experience of intimacy with your body and yourself. Release mental and emotional tensions to rediscover sexuality as part of your Being.

December 09 to 15


by Nataraj

Invite, acknowledge and allow the expansion of energy. The art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening ecstasy, the natural healing potential of our own body.

December 25 to January 03

Relax & Meet

We offer the closing of another cycle with an unforgettable experience of rest, self-knowledge and relaxation.

January 05 to 12

Path of Love

The Path of Love is an intense and effective developmental process, which will support you to find inner resources to transform your life.

January 20 to 24

Trauma to Tantra

by Talib & Shubhaa

This is a journey within different layers of intimacy…an alive exploration of relationship dynamics, the transformative power of vulnerability and the art of balancing the masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves. This is an opportunity to open and expand the heart, creating a movement towards union with ourselves and others.