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Learning Love Part 2

From Co-Dependency to Conscious Love

March 24th to 31st

by Krishnananda and Amana

This section teaches the dynamics of relationships and how to work with your own relationship issues and those of others.

We begin by exploring the wound of abandonment. Unless this wound is explored and understood, it can easily cause power struggles and sabotage our relating with jealousy, demands, distancing and conflict.
In this section, we also work with how to resolve conflict, and how to become sensitive to our boundaries so that we can slowly begin to set limits when needed.

We also deal with the very crucial challenge of how to integrate closeness and connection with learning to take time to be alone and discover our individuality.

Tantra Training - part 1

April 21st to 11th

by Homa & Mukto

Liberating Sexual Energy

The first step to an integrated sexuality is to unfreeze repressed energies.
We dare to question our limiting conditioning; we become alive and invite the new.
In the safety of a loving and aware environment, this lets go can happen without becoming harmful or destructive.

When we learn to shift our attention from analytical thinking to sensations and feelings, we reconnect to our body, its capacity for pleasure and its wisdom.

Tantra Training - part 2

April 24th to 29th

by Homa & Mukto

Sex and Presence: For lovers or friends ready to explore together

For couples and friends ready to explore together.
Tantra offers us a totally new approach towards intimacy and sexuality in particular.

Sex need not be a stressful activity with an orgasm as the only acceptable outcome, but can be a relaxed and joyous meeting of lovers.

Instead of us rushing towards a climactic discharge in the future, we can allow sexual energy to rise and create a profound experience of completion and communion in the here and now.


May 1st to 06th

by Nataraj

Invite, acknowledge and allow the expansion of energy. The art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening ecstasy, the natural healing potential of our own body.


Workshop: May/1st

Training: May/2nd to 6th


May 10th to 13rd

by Geetesh and Samadhi

Neo Rebalancing

May 16th to 20th

Osho Prana Healing 1

July 07th to 15th

by Rita Upadhi Maggi

Osho Prana Healing 2

July 18th to 26th

Osheanic Festival

Sep 15th to Oct 7th