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Upcoming Events

Living in Program

People who want to be at Osheanic for a month or more can apply for the Living In Program.

You will have the opportunity to live for a period of time in the heavenly Osheanic International Buddhist Field and participate in one of our personal growth programs, based on meditation and other tools that will support the participant.

Relax & Meet

December 25 to January 03

We offer the closing of another cycle with an unforgettable experience of rest, self-knowledge and relaxation. An environment to connect with yourself and others, with an open heart, much love and sincerity.

Retreats and Trainings – 2019

Path of Love

January 05 to 12

Trauma to Tantra

January 16 to 20

Osho Prana Healing

Master OPH: February 01 to 06 01 a 06 de fevereiro

OPH Training Part 1: February 09 – 17

Group and Training Osho No Mind

February 20 to 26

Refreshing Life

March 2 to 9


March 16 to 22

Tantranz: Tantric Massage Training

Workshop: April 19 – 20
Tantranz Training Part 1: April 19 – 25
Tantranz Training Part 2: April 27 – May 01