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Refreshing Life - Liver Cleanse

March 02 - 09

A unique and complete process for cleansing your body and mind

March 02 to 09, we will live a journey full of physical, spiritual and emotional lightness at Osheanic International.

The liver, a vital organ of the body, may accumulate cholesterol calculations throughout life and restrict the flow of bile, affecting the functioning of the body as a whole. The Liver Cleansing at Osheanic is a custom process carefully designed for each participant and carried on by health professionals according to their special needs.


Why do a Liver Cleanse?

In the world of toxins we live in, even people who have a balanced diet and exercise can absorb, ingest, inhale, or produce their own amount of disruptive substances that harm the body.

The liver is an as vital organ of the body as the heart or the brain, but around 80% of the adult population has accumulated stones affecting the general functioning of the whole body.

At Osheanic International, you will have the unmissable opportunity to purify your body, learn to have a lighter life, improve your blood circulation and awaken your creativity and mental clarity.


We will share a journey in search of more joy, lightness and love. In addition to reducing the occurrence of any disease, alleviating pain and improving digestion, energy and vitality, ‘Refreshing Life’ will allow you to experience unforgettable moments in one of Latin America’s greatest meditation centers, get into the habit of meditation and Share experiences with people from all over the world and world-renowned therapists.

These are some of the benefits the Liver Cleansing can bring:

  • Reducing the occurrence of any disease
  • Improving digestion, energy and vitality
  • Relief of pain
  • More flexibility
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Improves blood circulation and natural body cleansing processes
  • Supports inner and outer beauty
  • Brings emotional stability
  • Mental clarity and awakens creativity
  • Stabilizing Glucose, Cholesterol and Triglicerides in the body



Dr. Nirdosh holds a medical degree from Mexico’s Anahuac University. He is also certified in the US in the TBM (Total Body Modification) method. He is a facilitator of Who is in? certified by the Academy of Hellas (Greece) and by the Integral Being Institute, in Italy.

Gulistan is a facilitator of Osho Born Again, from Osho Multiversity (India), of Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to the BodyMind Meditative Therapies (Osho Multiversity, India), and Breathing Therapies and Ayurvedic Massage for women.

Graduated in Law and Psychology, Adhiraj is a trained therapist in the Osho Multiversity in India and a certified instructor of Chi Gung. He leads groups individual sessions in Greece, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Mexico, China and India in Osho Diamond Breath, Osho Meditation, Osho No Mind and Mystic Rose, Osho Akashic Buddhafield, Internal Alchemy, Man Natural Process, Zen Bioenergetics, Beyond the limits of Fear, Death and Celebration, among others.


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March 2 – 9

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