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Path of Love

Give yourself a second chance at a better life today

Path of Love is a powerful personal development process providing lasting results that expand over time and integrate gracefully into your life. While you will also experience incredible insights and deep understandings, Path of Love offers the potential for real enduring change.

Beyond personal awareness and growth you will enjoy permanent and positive shifts in the quality of your life:

– The confidence and passion you bring to life
– The depth and authenticity of your relationships
– To utilize your talents and abilities more constructively
– To recognise positive change you create in the world
– To love & experience true fulfillment in your life

JANUARY 05-12, 2019

The Path of Love is an intensive, loving and liberating process in which participants are supported to passionately focus on their sincere desire and longing to awaken and realize their full human and spiritual potential.

Our longing, courageously combined with a love for the Truth and an inner yearning for peace provides clear inner guidance and direction for spiritual unfoldment. The longing of the heart is benevolent and as it is oriented towards Truth, it perfectly reveals all the inner layers of identification, concepts, beliefs and emotionally charged defensive positions that keep us from directly experiencing our True Nature.

By honestly and compassionately facing these layers, the heart opens profoundly into the experience of Love. This opening reveals the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives, directing us to realize our Essence and connection to the Divine.

This Path of Love process, taken with a firm, focused intention and sincere longing for Freedom, presents the possibility for the participant to have a significant and lasting breakthrough and shift in consciousness.


The process of the group structure is confidential, but this much can be said about what happens: The Path of Love creates a strong ‘container’ of love and safety whereby all your basic needs are met. You are completely held and supported thereby leaving you free to dedicate all your energy and focus on directly experiencing your extraordinary journey of Radical Transformation.


Getting in touch with and realizing your true longing and potential.

An experience of meditation that is unique and personal that can move you through emotional release into the exquisite tenderness of being.

Tools to come out of old patterns of compromise, fear, complacency and isolation.

Daily contemplation and writing assignments that are designed to deepen your process and take you to the next step in your inner understanding.

An invitation to radically transform how you interact with the world around you both internally and externally.

The opportunity to courageously welcome and expose your darkest fears, regrets and grief and have them held in love and compassion.

An unique and direct experience of your true self A tangible shift in consciousness.

The invitation to give and receive unconditional Love.

The invitation to simply be Love.

The heartfelt experience of Trust.

An experience of connection to the source of being, to the divine.


Rafia, Shubhaa, Talib & Path of Love Team



Since 1990, Shubhaa has dedicated her life to seeking for the truth and sharing her gifts and talents with others who are also longing to open their hearts.
She is a therapist and facilitator of the Path Of Love and holds a degree in Psychology, from the University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil, specializing in Gestalt & Relationship Therapy.
She is also a certified teacher and therapist in Co-dependency Therapy. Trained in Tantra, Bio-energetic Therapy, Rebirthing (Breath Therapy), Encounter, Bodywork, Coaching, Relationship Counselling and Trauma Therapy.



From the USA, Talib is a teacher and therapist specializing in Relationship & Trauma Therapy. He is a leader in the Path of Love process in Europe and South America. He studied Psychology at Arizona State University, USA, Osho Academy in Sedona Arizona, USA and Osho International Pune, India.
Talib’s background also includes certification as a teacher in the Learning Love Institute, Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing), Brainspotting (Trauma Healing), Esoteric Sciences (Subtle Body Healing) and Craniosacral Therapy.
Talib has been working with people since 1994 and is passionate in sharing his experiences of integrating understandings from both the Eastern & Western approaches to human development. He leads seminars and offers individual work in Stockholm Sweden, Europe, Brazil and via Skype.

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January 5 – 12, 2019

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