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Osho Prana Healing - Part1

WORKSHOP: July 7th and 8th
TRAINING: July 7th to 15th

Powerful and Instantaneous Pranic Healing


It is a powerful and instantaneous pranic healing method, which aims to expand the vital energy (prana) through a series of meditations, exercises and specific methods that activate activating “pranic ray”, a vibrational quality that affects both physical and energy.

The Osho Prana Healing Training takes place on 9 consecutive days, from 07 to 15 July. The first two days are open as a workshop for those who want to get to know the work and live an experience of energy healing and harmonization.


Part 1 of the training is an intensive course of energy harmonization, which supports the process  bof balancing the physical, mental and emotional inviting the subtle energy to enter your natural route of self healing again. Being able to serve for those who wish to initiate a vision on subtle bodies, to deepen in pranic healing, energy movements and metabolism of the chakras, energetic reading and being in tune with the universal wisdom.

A de-conditioning path of the low energy level we normally experience and a process of rebalancing to get in touch with your true self as a form of well-being. A chance to live healthily, with more joy and with more vitality, bringing serenity and relaxation, both at work and in personal relationships. Therefore, it is a method for self-healing, human development and self-knowledge, reaching people who do not want to work with the method.


Rita Upadhi Maggi

Upadhi comes from the same Osho school as Homa & Mukto. Together, they were part of the Mystery School with Kaveesha, who inspired the partners to found Osheanic. The energy level is a presence that contributes greatly to the space, in addition to its simple and joyful way of moving in the day to day that infects everyone. O.P.H. was created by Rita Upadhi Maggi and Chidvilas Pascariello in Asharam of Osho (spiritual master), based on the answers given by Osho his questions about the circulation of energy. In short is a method of energy harmonization developed with the direct guidance of the spiritual master, Osho. It is based on the 7 chakras of the 7 bodies, according to reading the Indian auric map. Today, the method is recognized by the academy olos, by the light academy of the school of naturopathy anea, and by the sicool association in italy.


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Workshop Date

July 7th and 8th

Training Date

July 7th to 15th

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