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Module 1

May 16th to 20th


Osho Neo-Rebalancing – Deep touch meditative therapy is an instrument of healing and a potent path of self-knowledge that uses touch as a vehicle to bring light, expansion, and awareness to our body and our Self.

Initially developed under the guidance of the enlightened master Osho as a new form of body therapy, synthesizes different techniques based on neo-Reichian work, Rolfing and meditation.

It is a system in continuous transformation that includes, among other techniques, the practice of presence, deep tissue touch, myofascial release, relaxation of the joints, emotional expression, bioenergetics and pranic energy.

This first part of the training provides an introduction to the Osho Neo-Rebalancing Training School, giving participants the opportunity to learn effective touch and healing techniques based on awareness, sensitivity and scientific method.


  • Psycho and physical well-being, grounding, consciousness and presence;
  • Relief and treatment of chronic pain;
  • Respect for one’s own body;
  • All the benefits of meditation: better functioning of the nervous system, regulation of blood pressure, better posture, relaxment;
  • Recovery of surgeries and physical trauma (accidents);
  • Psychological and emotional growth.

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Samadhi Pirola

With Osho since 1988. In 1995, completed the “Humaniversity Therapist Training”. Osho Rebalancer since 1998, has an Osho Rebalancing Trainer certificate by Satyarthi Pelouquin. Samadhi has also been an Instructor of the Results Course and leader of the Humaniversity Aum Meditation since 1992. He now lives and works in Brazil, Bahia – at the Ecovillage Piracanga – where he co-created Osho Bahia, a meditation and healing center. Oshobahia is home to the Osho Neo-Rebalancing Training School and provides different residential programs geared toward evolving awareness and eco-sustainable practices.


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May 16th to 20th

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