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Osho Prana Healing

Master OPH: February 01 to 06

OPH Part 1: February 09 to 17



Osho Prana Healing is a method that was developed by Sw. Chidvilas and Ma Feet Upadhi following the guidance of the Spiritual Master Osho.

The training of Osho Prana Healing aims to free up sleeping energies and allows us to expand and shine brighter. We connect to our personal power and access deeper levels of trust.
At the same time the energy that is being released allows us to deepen our awareness and observation. Thus we learn to be also with our uncomfortable emotions and feelings. We sharpen our understanding of those behaviors that contribute to the repetition of discomfort and create space for healing to occur.

This methodology teaches us to recognize and intervene with the energy field (Aura) in order to increase the state of psycho-physical well-being on all levels (thoughts and beliefs, emotions, sensations, physicality). During the course of this workshop we learn to expand our amount of energy and feel more alive.
One important element that this methodology can bring to us is a shift and improvement our “inner state” or “inner way” of being and thus a deeper feeling of fulfillment. Especially in today’s society in which more and more people realize that fulfillment and happiness is not coming from the outside- through our material life or other people- we understand that true fulfillment can only be reached through this shift in our inner state.


February 01 - 06

During the Master, keys will be given to read and work with the forms and metaphysical structures present in the auric field.

Each person has a specific sensory perception that is the means by which intercepts and recognizes reality.

The goal is to help operators to become more aware of their perceptive capacities and their uniqueness in caring the OPH energy ray.

In subtle bodies we can see how identities change the auric field, through the exploration of personal experience we can trigger a process of limiting ideas and conditioning, by recognizing them as true structures.

These structures have their correlated material conformation.

There will be taught how to recognize them and how to work in different cases.

The O.P.H. system will help in the teaching of metaphysical readings.


  • Metaphysical readings
  • Convictions and influences on our lives
  • Structures: shapes, consistency and quality
  • Lifting techniques of the structures
  • Sounds and colors as radiant help


February 09 - 17

It is a training that teaches an individual session that brings: relaxation, revitalization, centering, emotional cleansing, confidence, greater presence, clarity in bringing to light what is expanding the feeling.

Teaches to recognize and intervene on the energy field (Aura) in order to increase the state of psycho-physical well-being at all levels (thoughts and beliefs, emotions, sensations, physicality).

It is a journey that can be undertaken both for personal growth and as a professional specialization and can also improuves already acquired techniques such as body work, counseling and energy healing.

During the journey, the operator will have the opportunity to explore and deepen meditation through the use of different techniques from Western and Eastern traditions.

Thus, a process of inner growth and transformation is initiated by experimenting and understanding the energetic and spiritual events of life events.


  • Basic Technique: harmonizing energy
  • Energy reading and cleaning of the environments (five-pointed star)
  • The chakras: what they are, how they move and their effect on the movement of energy
  • Perception of the energy flow: reading and addressing energy
  • Centering: Hara
  • Center of energy transformation: Heart as the fourth chakra
  • Basic session
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Energy symptoms: hyper- and hypo-processing techniques
  • Listening: Opening to the presence
  • Astral body, and fire energy: expansion and restriction
  • Bioplasmic body and the etheric flow: consistency and influences
  • OPH Self-Healing Session
  • Cleaning Technique – Chakra Sufi
  • Atisha’s Transformation
  • OPH Meditation technique – Golden Nectar
  • OPH Meditation technique – The Well


Upadhi Maggi

With over than thirty years of experience in energy work, she has co-developed OPH, a synthesis between the ancient art of pranic practise, the energetic work on the aura field and meditation. She formed hundreds of people helping them to transform their life and for some of them helping them to become operators and teachers.
She refined her training in the Osho School of Misticism (Poona), in Osho Academy (Sedona), in Hellingerschule (Bolzano).
She founded the OLOS Academy, that forms holistic practitioners, energetic counselors and naturopaths witha specialization in OPH, realizing the dream of obtaining that the meditation hours are considered as a part of the tutorial training. She has the ability to create an atmosphere of acceptance and a contact with joy.
With semplicity she uses instruments that help the transformation of the quality of life, bringing more relaxation in everyday life. She can help the journey to the source of vital energy in everyone of us, uncovering the hidden potentialities, to live a more harmonic life.
Upadhi lives in the tuscany hills, near to Miasto, where she offers seminars, trainings, individual sessions and she continues to travel in Europe, China, Taiwan, Brasil, leading trainings and personal growth workshops.



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Master OPH: February 01 – 06
OPH Training Part 1: February 09 – 17

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