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Osho No Mind

& Facilitators Training

February 20 - 26


Be guided through this incredible process that in addition to being a professional training, is also a great experience of personal transformation.

Meditation therapy “No Mind” is a scientific and magnificent energetic process that dispels the tensions of body and mind, creating a deeper space of meditation in which the person may be in contact with his or her own energy at all times. In this seven-day training led by Anand Adhiraj, the participant will experience an experience of profound transformation and at the end will be prepared to work with Mind Mind meditation, if desired.

The process initially gives vent to energies of the past that still need to be expressed and released through the old Gibberish technique, that is, to make seemingly meaningless sounds. In this way, a multidimensional portal of expression opens up, which, when followed by sitting in silence, creates the possibility of the emergence of the fragility and beauty of stillness and alertness.

The state of deep relaxation and meditation provided by No Mind is the basis that sustains the state of inner essence necessary for self-realization. This is a real gift to enrich the typical 21st century life with its intense and often overwhelming rhythm.

The OSHO No Mind being one of the meditative therapies created by Osho, is a process designed to create pathways for deeper relaxation that may enhance the quality of sleep, concentration and efficiency to deal with situations by increasing presence and energetic spontaneity. Through this process the natural qualities of flow, acceptance can reveal deeper layers of creativity, sensitivity and freedom from old patterns of thought and behavior from the past.


If you just want to immerse yourself in the experience that is the Osho No-Mind Process, it is possible. By doing this, you participate only in the Process that includes the 2h daily in the morning for 7 days.

First step: Gibberish – 1 hour
Standing or sitting, close your eyes and begin to articulate absurd sounds, that is, begin to babble. Produce the sounds you want, but do not speak in any language or use familiar words. Allow yourself to express what is necessary in your heart. Put it all out, go completely nuts. Stay consciously mad. The mind thinks in terms of words. Buzzing helps break this pattern of continuous verbalization. Without suppressing your thoughts, you get rid of them.

Second stage: Silence – 1 hour
Sit in absolute silence and totally relaxed, concentrating all of your energy within yourself, allowing your thoughts to move farther and farther, allowing yourself to enter into the deep silence and the intense peace that lies at its center. To do this, you can sit on the floor or use a chair, the important thing is that your head and back are upright, your body relaxed, your eyes closed and your breathing natural. In this step you listen to an Osho speech.

Osho first introduced the No-Mind meditation as part of his evening discourses on Zen. Later on, it became a group process. Here is an excerpt from the talk where Osho first introduced the meditation:

“The first part is gibberish. The word ‘gibberish’ comes from a Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar never spoke any language, he just uttered nonsense. Still he had thousands of disciples because what he was saying was, “Your mind is nothing but gibberish. Put it aside and you will have a taste of your own being.”


Anand Adhiraj

Adhiraj has a university degree of Bsc Law/Psychology and an Osho Therapist trained in the Osho Multiversity in India.

He co-leads the Osho Diamond Breath Training that takes place in Osho Miasto in Italy and around the world. He facilitates the Osho Meditative Therapies of Osho Mystic Rose, Osho No Mind, Osho Born Again, and the trainings of Meditative therapies.

Adhiraj i also certified and gives individual sessions in Osho Starlight Transomatic Dialogue, all 7 Osho Akashic Processes, Osho Rainbow Octave processes, Osho Diamond Breath and Holistic Massage. Also, he is a certified Chi Gung instructor.

He leads a variety of different groups and seminars for self awareness and meditation:

  • Osho Diamond Breath Training
  • Osho Meditation Facilitators Training
  • Osho No Mind and Mystic Rose training
  • Osho Akashic Buddhafield
  • Inner Alchemy
  • The Natural Man Process
  • Zen Bioenergetics
  • Beyond the Limits of Fear
  • Death and Celebration

He leads groups and gives individual sessions in Greece, Italy, Polland, Brazil, Czeck Republic, Russia, Croatia, Mexico, China and India.



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February 20 – 26

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