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Meditation, Spa and Therapies

Meditation, Spa and Therapies

Osheanic is devoted to the purpose of creating a short distance, a disconnect between our being and our mind.

A combination of spa procedures combined with the presence and love of therapeutic touch, using natural products, carefully prepared in our space.

  • Energization;
  • Body scrub with salt, vegetable oil and pure essential oil, followed by sensory massage;
  • Relax b’Beauty;
  • Body scrub with salt, vegetable oil and pure essential oil;
  • Clay face mask;
  • Foot Massage;
  • Silence Meditation;
  • Kundaline Meditation.

Meditation has existed for thousands of years and has become increasingly popular. A nonjudgmental awareness of an experience of the here and now.

Meditation is an antidote to mental patterns that want to control our lives, and which create a lack of existential sense, anxiety and are polluted by a society that seeks control and domination.

Osho has developed a variety of meditations. Many of them have active elements such as breathing, shaking, running or jumping. They all increase our vitality and connection to our emotions. Each includes a quiet time and in this, we can go inside and observe. Nothing to do. Letting things be as they are.

These meditations create amazing results for our health, intelligence and emotional well-being. Once we learn the art of observing, we can take that into our daily lives, to work, to relationships, and to thousands of other things we do.


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