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Living In Program

A process to learn the art of living, meditating, relating and working with presence, love and awareness.

Want to live a unique experience in your life, and that can put you closer to your true potential and transform it forever?

So come and join Osheanic’s Living In program and take the first step to changing the way you live !!!

This is a residential program that offers a way to explore and experience how to open up to life and find new ways to bring meditation, creativity and awareness into how you live, relate, work, and move in life.

You will have the opportunity to live for a period of time in the heavenly Osheanic International Buddhist Field and participate in one of our programs of personal growth and life transformation. Based on meditation and other tools that will support the participant, thus opening a space / field for an incredible inner and spiritual journey!

Enjoy the natural and unique beauty of this space, in a privileged climate, living and living together with people who also seek human growth and evolution, engage in daily activities such as active and passive meditations, practical activities of the community among others, being able to have time and moments only with you, and also be invited to share your energy with the people of space, receiving and dealing with the challenges of day-to-day reality in the areas of work and relationship with other people mainly … All this in an atmosphere of love , friendship, honesty, love and magic where anything can happen!

Experiencing the daily life of a Buddha Field is an invitation to BE and to INTEGRATE. Be ready to join us!

People who want to be at Osheanic for three weeks or up to four months can apply for the Living In program. Participation in daily meditations and work as part-time meditation on what is needed in this Program opens the door to an incredible experience that adds many values ​​to your life.

Why say YES to this experience?

  • An opportunity to experience life together with Osheanic residents and other program participants;
  • A way to bring more awareness, presence and liveliness to your life during everyday activities such as: cooking, gardening, cleaning, maintenance, event organization and more.
  • An opportunity to experience and/or expand the quality of being in the service of something that goes beyond yourself.
  • A way to meet people from different places in the world and exchange experiences.
  • A way to live in an incredible Buddha Field with leisure and fun, in the heat of Brazil, near the beach, in the middle of nature, nourishing your body, mind and your soul. And be able to delve deeper into the art of self-observation and personal inquiry.
  • An opportunity to live, apply, and integrate the essence of meditation into your everyday life and bring it back into your life.
  • A way to relax in your own unique Self.

Skills and tools developed in the program:

  • Health and emotional balance;
  • Body Consciousness and Health;
  • Empowerment;
  • Social skills;
  • Clear and connected communication;
  • Creativity;
  • Self esteem;
  • Love consciousness;
  • Presence – ability to be in totality, receptivity and relaxation in the here and now;
  • Learning to receive positivity, love and healing;
  • To discover talents, merits and passions;
  • Learn to understand what is happening within you, and how to share and be recognized;
  • Awareness of old and limiting patterns, habits and behaviors;


The Osheanic Living In Program:

  • The participant is expected to collaborate on the activities suggested by the program leaders, as well as participation in daily meditations.
  • Commitment of at least 21 days with the program, and may extend until the period of the season. This program takes place in Osheanic’s two annual seasons (see dates below).
  • Active participation in work as meditation for 4 hours daily.
  • Once a week you will have 1 free day, this day off will need to be combined with the program coordinators according to the Osheanic event schedule.
  • Commitment to one active meditation per day. Participants have the opportunity to do Dynamic Meditation every day completing the 21 day cycle, as well as the Kundalini Meditation and Meditation of Silence, which take place daily.
  • Regular participation in the Evening Meeting Meditation, which happens two to three times a week.
  • Weekly meetings to share and deepen the experience with the other participants and program leaders.
  • An Osheanic Day, every 15 days, where everyone in the commune meets to carry on a joint activity, and to have fun and socialize together.
  • The participant receives each week an individual session with one of the therapists of Osheanic, alternating between Counseling and Suchness.
  • Counseling: a personal conversation to support and ground your experience, as well as help you understand what situation or issue in your life is limiting or preventing you from experiencing expansion and greater relaxation.
  • Suchness: trains your ability to feel and recognize sensations and emotions, and from there to deepen, to bring understanding and openness to places that are without presence and without awareness.

To whom is this program indicated?

The Osheanic Living In program is offered to anyone who wants a change in their life and is willing to take risks and open their own hearts. This residential program is great for:

  • People with an open mind to experience the art of exploring, learning and empowering themselves, going beyond familiar comfort zones and experiencing life more widely, and in an environment free from judgment, concepts, but truth and acceptance.
  • Anyone who wants to risk doing something different like being yourself, moving with spontaneity and authenticity, and challenging the very limits and conditioning received by the education, society and environment in which you have grown and lived.
  • To anyone who wants to grow and expand in a safe environment where you can drop the masks and be honest and honest with yourself and the other person (s).
  • People who have a stable physical, emotional and mental condition. We do not recommend participating in this program if you experience any kind of damage or severe imbalance in any of the above.
  • For people who simply want more!
  • This program is for people over 18 years of age.

To whom is this program indicated?

  • Complete meals (breakfast, lunch and light dinner – egg lacto vegetarian).
  • Lodging in individual tent or shared dormitory, or in a shared or individual suite. The investment in the program varies according to the type of accommodation chosen. (We offer bed and bath linens and mattresses in tents.)
  • Free participation in the week’s open activities, in addition to regular meditations and other program activities.
  • 20% discount on any individual care if it is suggested or voluntarily, in addition to the individual appointments of the program package, with Osheanic therapists.
  • Discount of 15% (group + lodging) only in the groups and trainings produced by Osheanic.

To whom is this program indicated?

  • R$ 130,00 per day, for accommodation in individual tent or shared dormitory.
    Note: the dormitory will be open for use from the number of 5 people.

  • R$ 165,00 per day, for accommodation in a shared suite (quadruple, triple or double).
    Note: this type of accommodation is subject to the availability of Osheanic, as well as the choice of which suite.

  • R$ 245,00 per day, for accommodation in a single suite.
    Note: this type of accommodation is subject to the availability of Osheanic.

How do you participate in groups that take place at Osheanic?

Living In does not have a vacation for you to leave in addition to your weekly break, but you can stop the 21-day Program cycle to join a group or training of interest to you at Osheanic. It is important to note that the days you are in the group are not included in the 21 minimum days of participation in the program. So if you intend to join a group or training, schedule to stay with us longer, or if possible, travel with a certain flexibility of dates!

When does it happen / How can I apply?

  • In this year 2019 we will work with two seasons (February 26 to April 30, and July 23 to November 17). The minimum period for participation is 21 days and may extend until the end of the season.
  • To register please contact us by e-mail:, a message will be sent with a link to access the online form, just fill out the form and send an attached photo.

We thank you for your interest in joining our program. Please complete the Registration Form below, we will get back to you within a maximum of one week. The information on your form will be maintained conficently.


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