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Living In Program

Want to live an unique experience that can transform your life forever?

So come and join Osheanic’s Living In program !!!

You will have the opportunity to live for a period of time in the delightful Osheanic International’s Buddha Field and participate in one of our personal growth programs, based on meditation and other tools that will give support to participants, thus opening a space/field, to dive in an incredible inner journey!

Enjoy the unique natural beauty of this place, with a privileged climate, being and living together with people who also seek human development. Engage in daily activities such as active and passive meditations, practical activities in the community, among others. Be able to have time and quiet moments by yourself, and also be invited to share your energy with the people and the space, receiving and dealing with the challenges of day-to-day reality, mainly in areas as work and relating with other people… All this in an atmosphere of friendship, honesty, love and magic, where anything can happen!

Experiencing the day-to-day life in a buddha-field is an invitation to BE and INTEGRATE. Get ready to join us!

Why say YES to this Experience?

  • An opportunity to experience community life.
  • An opportunity to expand the sense of “being at the service” of something bigger than yourself.
  • A way to meet seekers from different places in the world and exchange experiences.
  • A way of living in an incredible Buddha Field, with leisure and fun, at the warmth of Brazil, near the beach, in the middle of nature, also nourishing your soul.
  • An opportunity to integrate the essence of meditation into your routine and take it back to your life.
  • A way to relax in your own unique Self.

Some Program’s benefits (may vary according to the Program)

  • Personalized therapeutic follow-up;
  • Osheanic Day: A chill out afternoon of with all residentsOsheanic Meeting: therapeutic session for all participants, including meditation or special experience and collective sharing;
  • Discounts on individual sessions.Get in touch and learn more about our programs:


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