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October 10th to 14th

Awakening the Awareness of Vital Energy

A Special Retreat with three great names from the world of Osho: Anubuddha, Anasha and Devakant, who will meet for the first time together to develop a deep and intense work.

In the mystical encounter of Spiritual Love and Internal Consciousness, ARUN Sound Healing is born – Vibrations of Healing Sounds and Conscious Touch.

“Waking Up Vital Energy Consciousness” will address, through much music, dynamic movements, silent satsangs and meditative touches of healing, a new way of living and being in the present moment – opening Chakras and channels of expression to harmonize functioning and relationship with the physical body.


A more creative and positive way to use your mind and brain in a heartfelt way – you will learn to allow your subtle natural energies and total sensibility to flow moment by moment in all areas of your life, resulting in more conscious moments and attitudes.

Join us for this new and transformative journey into the essence and alchemy of healing Sounds and meditative touch.


Prem Anubuddha (San Diego, California 1952). Majored in Psychology and Sports (Basketball) at the University of San Diego.

Since 1973, he has dedicated his life to learning, practicing and teaching different forms of Touch, Yoga, Meditation and Healing. His training and personal experience are deep and multidimensional.

In 1988, after training more than 1500 people in Osho Rebalancing® and Cranio-Sacral Sensitivity, he underwent an intense process of personal transformation for nine months. During this period, Anubuddha held 150 individual sessions in the Illuminated Mystic Osho and had the opportunity to ask many things about body, energy, healing and meditation. At this time, he experienced the essence of meditation, consciousness, love, and the body as an organic unity. From this experience, the ARUN method was born.

Anasha (France, 1951) began discovering herself through the body in 1973 and, for a period of 10 years, put all her energy into this journey by attending classes, courses and giving and receiving many sessions.

She is trained in Conscious Breathing, Psychological Massage, Energy Balancing, Aurasoma, Massage and Conscious Touch.

For many years she has lived and worked in communities dedicated to Osho and Meditation Centers in India, USA and Europe.

Since the creation of the ARUN method in 1994, Anubuddha and Anasha have trained more than 600 people in Japan, Greece and Spain at the Basic and Advanced levels.

Devakant is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist who explores several sacred musical traditions of the world, including Gregorian Chants, Classical Indian Music, Zen Monasteries and Tibetan Temples, as well as Central American Shamanic Traditions.

From these roots he created a unique blend of sound and silence, leading the listener to a world of inner mystery, a place of peace, harmony and well-being. Ideal for meditation, healing, energetic work, relaxation and also for the pure delight of good music.

He studied with many masters of Oriental Music, including Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ali Akbar Khan and Koku Nishimura. He has been a disciple of Osho for more than 34 years and was personally appointed by the Indian master as “My flutist …”


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