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Creativity Workshop

August 5th

Finding the source of creativity

A full-day exploration to find the innermost source of creativity through the ancestral movement of touching the earth with our hands, heart and soul, allowing us to play with color and form, guided by the master of meditative arts, Devakant.

Through breathing, silence and various meditation practices of Alchemy and Shamanism, we will enter into an experience of admiration and discovery of the creative child ever present within us.

Learning to connect with Mindless Painting and Sculpture, but with presence and delight, is a profound journey of healing and revelation, finding again our birthright as creators and perceivers, participating directly in the mystery of creative action, the essence of our own life.

How will de Workshop be?

It will be a morning and an afternoon facing the work with clay and sculptures and painting of free forms, with the meditative direction of Devakant, in silence and in music.


Devakant is a musician and mystic artist who has explored many avenues of inner experience and sacred traditions in the world.

His music includes Indian classical music, Gregorian chant, Zen monastic music and Tibetan temples and shamanic traditions of Hawaii, Mexico and Peru. It is ideal for meditation, healing, energetic work and relaxation as well as for the pure delight of your own beauty and depth.

Devakant makes meditative concerts, events, workshops and individual sessions around the world.

Through his music and art, Devakant creates deep moments of sound and silence, leading people to a world of mystery within themselves, a place of peace, harmony and well-being.



August 5th

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