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About us

About Us

Osheanic, located near Fortaleza – Brazil, was created by a group of friends whose lives have been touched by the Indian mystic Osho. In fact, the name Osheanic is a tribute to his vision and philosophy.

Osheanic is generously supported by the donations of several founding partners whose goal is to create a self-sustaining and financially independent space where people can be themselves.

Many friends from all over the world have contributed their passion, energy and talents to make Osheanic the vibrant, international community it is today.

A unique flowering of Osho’s vision, Osheanic is an intense yet gentle Buddhafield which enhances living in awareness, authenticity and lovingness.

The place to be

Many of our residents are trained therapists and facilitators who also dedicate their time to the daily practicalities of keeping Osheanic, alive and grounded.

Throughout the year we offer daily meditations, a variety of workshops and trainings as well as individual therapeutic sessions.

We invite people from around the world to join with us in this unique experience.

Osho's Vision

Osho’s vision is vast. He has answered questions ranging from relationship to meditation, from sexuality to enlightenment.  Endeavoring to condense it into a webpage is doomed to fail.

It seems best to let his words speak for themselves. Here are a few quotations from the many discourses he delivered:

When I say meditate over it, I mean watch like a scientist in your inner world. Let your mind be your lab and you observe – with no condemnation. Remember; don’t say “Jealousy is bad.” Who knows? Don’t say “Anger is bad.” Who knows? Yes, you have heard, you have been told, but that is what others say, this is not your experience. And you have to be very existential, experimental. Unless your experiment proves it, you are not to say yes or no to anything. You have to be utterly non judgmental.

If you imitate you miss, because consciousness cannot be imitated, it has to be created. You have to become the lab. You have to become the experiment. You have to create the fire. You have to create the patience. You have to create many things which are ingredients for the inner chemistry, and then the flame comes one day. Then you are a Buddha in your own right.

Oceanic Consciousness
Deep in the heart the whole world is different (….) If I am looking at you through the head, through the intellect, through one of my parts of knowing, then a few friends are here, individuals, egos, separate; but if I am looking at you through the heart individuals are not here, then just an oceanic consciousness is here, then individuals are just waves.

Achieving and Here and Now
If you can gather all your energy in this very moment, just the accumulation of that energy will become a dance in your heart.

Head Versus Heart
We are all hung up in the head. That is our only problem, the only one problem. And there is only one solution: Get down from the head into the heart and all problems disappear. They are created by the head. And suddenly everything is so clear and so transparent that one is surprised how one was continuously inventing problems. Mysteries remain but problems disappear. Mysteries abound but problems evaporate. And mysteries are beautiful. They are not to be solved they have to be lived.

Somente o momento presente é real. O passado é uma ficção, simplesmente uma memória; o futuro é uma ficção, simplesmente uma imaginação. Quando tantas pessoas estão vivendo no real, elas criam um espaço no qual você  também  pode facilmente encontrar a si mesmo relaxado, silencioso, amoroso.

Esse é o propósito de todo encontro daqueles que buscam os mistérios da existência. Sem saber, todos eles estão ajudando uns aos outros. Sem estar fazendo nenhum esforço para ajudar, o seu próprio ser se torna  uma atração magnética. Eu chamo esse campo de Campo Búdico, o campo de acordados.”